Lottery Canvasser


Location: Lincolnshire, UK

Contract: Full time

Engage & Connect Ltd

Lottery Canvasser

Engage & Connect Ltd are looking to recruit to their team to assist with the sign up of supporters to the St Barnabas Hospice Lottery..  Please note that this role will be employed by Engage & Connect Ltd, not St Barnabas Hospice.

Key facts for Engage & Connect Ltd Fundraiser

1. Employed, not self-employed, role
2. Working week: Monday to Sunday
3. Contracted to work 5 x 8-hour days per working week to include weekends and Bank Holidays on a rota basis. Pro-rata for part time
4. Time to travel to and from place of work is in addition to the 8 or pro-rata hours worked
5. 31 days per annum holiday including 8 Bank Holiday days. (N.B. 3 days to be taken from the 31-day allowance at Christmas when the business closes). Pro-rata for part time
6. Holiday pay based on prior 52 weeks average earnings
7. Car travel reimbursed at 25 pence per mile from the first mile and to a maximum of £100 per week. Car parking and tolls also included within the maximum amount. Pro-rata for part time
8. Providing a daily log is kept then mileage and other allowances and expenses may be offset against tax at financial year end less any travel expenses claimed from the company1. An information sheet will be provided at training
9. Own vehicle must be insured for business use at the time of commencing employment, have a valid MOT certificate and Vehicle Excise Duty (car tax) paid
10. Driving Licence, MOT, VED (Vehicle Excise Duty) and Insurance checks will be carried out for reasons of Health & Safety on first day of training
11. Salary: Out of London - £440 / week full time which is equivalent to an annual salary of £22,880. Within London - £480 / week full time which is equivalent to an annual salary of £24,960. Pro-rata for part time
12. Pension. All employees will be enrolled in the company workplace pension scheme after the first 12 weeks continuous employment, unless the employee decides to opt out. The company will make a 3% contribution, the employee 4%
13. Discretionary reward calculated against a weekly target
14. Discretionary reward for Lottery campaigns will be dependent on a target of 20 players (average of 4 per day) per week being reached, or pro-rata for part time, and will be paid at the rate of £25 / line2 once the target of 20 players recruited has been exceeded, to include the basic salary.
15. Discretionary reward for Regular Giving campaigns calculated according to the following example and will be dependent on amount donated and a target of 15 donors (average of 3 per day) signed per week, or pro-rata for part time. Once target is achieved, bonus will be paid retrospectively from the first donor in addition to basic salary plus expenses.

N.B. There is no reduction of target for periods of absence on sick leave; the target will be adjusted for periods of annual leave.  1 Dependent upon personal financial circumstances. Engage & Connect will not provide financial advice.  2 The number of lines that can be offered and the number of lines reward will be paid for varies by campaign.

16. Salary and discretionary reward paid weekly, 3 weeks in arrears
17. A % of donors signed will be held in a bond account as discretionary reward is paid before there is knowledge of whether a donor has made their first payment.
The % retained will be dependent on personal attrition outcomes.
The bond account is reconciled on a weekly basis and will be capped at £800.
18. Uniform & equipment provided, depending on client requirements
19. 3-month probation period with interim reviews at 4, 8 and 12 weeks
20. Comprehensive training course to learn about the Company, the Charity and the campaign. Ongoing in-field support provided by Team Leader
21. Key weekly metrics measured on a rolling 13-week basis:  a. Number of donors signed, b. Cancellation rate, c. Attrition at months 2, 3, 4 & 12, d. Attendance, e. Gift Aid sign-up (Regular Giving campaigns only), f. Opt-in information.

Job Description

Please see the attached job description for further information.

How to Apply

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Please Note:

This role will be employed by Engage & Connect Ltd, not St Barnabas Hospice

Qualified position: No

Contract term: Full timeContracted hours: 40

Closing date: 17/12/2023

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Contact details

For further details please contact: on  or

For general recruitment queries please contact:The Recruitment Team on [email protected] or 01522 518220

More information

The main duties and responsibilities for this role can be found in the job description and person specification. Applicants must be able to demonstrate significant experience/skills for the role. You can also download an FAQ document and an information guide to the Employment benefits offered by St Barnabas Hospice – this includes the ability to transfer existing NHS pensions (subject to terms and conditions).

St Barnabas Hospice is an Equal Opportunities Employer it believes in treating everyone with dignity and respect and encourages applications from all sectors of the community.

We reserve the right to extend, withdraw or close vacancies where necessary.

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