Hospice at Home

Many people want to be cared for in their own home. This is where they feel safe and comfortable, and can spend precious time with their loved ones.

The Hospice at Home team support this choice and work 365 days a year to care for patients in their own home.

The Hospice at Home team offer specialist care including the following:

  • Personal care
  • Help and advice with controlling pain and symptoms
  • Practical advice
  • Emotional, social and spiritual support

The Hospice at Home team work closely with your doctor and community nurses.

How can I access Hospice at Home support?

Referrals are made through your doctor, community nurses and other healthcare professionals involved in your care.

Once a referral has been received, a nurse will visit you and your family to discuss what your needs are to remain at home. Your care will then be tailored to your specific needs. The amount of care that you receive may increase or decrease depending on how your needs change.

Utilising technology

We are delighted to have received funding for a bank of iPads which can be distributed to patients who may be isolated at home. These are available free of a charge for a six-month loan period and we will help the patient get set up and show them how to use it. As well as for personal use, these iPads can be used to view our physiotherapy videos online.

For more information about Hospice at Home services in your area call 0300 020 0694.

To download our patient information on the Hospice at Home service simply click the image below or here.