Our bereavement service

We understand that after the death of a loved one, your thoughts and feelings can be overwhelming and difficult to understand or to put into words.  When someone close dies, it can leave you feeling alone and experiencing complex, unexpected feelings.  Our team of trained and experienced volunteers are here to offer you the help you may need at this time.

Help during your bereavement

Our service:

  • Will help with any bereavement, not just the families and friends of those cared for by the Hospice.
  • Is friendly, independent and provides you with the opportunity to find support with others who have experienced a bereavement.
  • Takes referrals from everyone. You can ask for help yourself, your family or friends may ask us to support you, or you might be referred to our service by a GP/health and social care professional.
  • Is provided free of charge.

Depending on your individual needs, we provide:

Virtual bereavement groups

Our virtual bereavement groups will replicate the face-to-face bereavement groups that took place before the coronavirus pandemic hit. We are limiting each session to twelve people plus two St Barnabas facilitators to ensure everyone is heard.

These groups are here for you to grab a drink and have a chat with other people who are experiencing grief just like you.

We have groups on:

  • Thursday 7th January (1.30-3pm)
  • Monday 18th January (1.30-3pm)
  • Thursday 4th February (1.30-3pm)
  • Monday 15th February (1.30-3pm)
  • Thursday 4th March (1.30-3pm)
  • Monday 15th March (1.30-3pm)
  • Thursday 8th April (1.30-3pm)
  • Monday 19th April (1.30-3pm)
  • Thursday 6th May (1.30-3pm)
  • Monday 17th May (1.30-3pm)
  • Thursday 3rd June (1.30-3pm)
  • Monday 14th June (1.30-3pm)

Click here to book onto a session.

Supportive listening

A Supportive Listener could help you (in a one-to-one situation) to explore your feelings. There is a waiting list for this service.

One-to-one counselling

This is offered for people with more complex needs and there is a waiting list for this service.

What to do next

If you require more information about the services that we offer or would like to make a referral, please contact 01522 518246.

To download

  • Bereavement support service leaflet
  • UK Care Guide’s advice on the 21 things you need to do when someone dies in the UK leaflet
  • or to view To help in your bereavement leaflet

simply click the relevant image below. You can find more information on the UK Care Guide website here.

UK Care Guide front cover