Fenner Precision and James Dawson

Lincoln-based manufacturers Fenner Precision and James Dawson have chosen St Barnabas Hospice as their charity partner.

The silicone and rubber experts are committed to supporting local communities and charities through its Works Council initiative, which chooses a charity to support.

The business has been based in Lincoln since 1865 with over 300 employees across two sites, where fundraising events will be taking place throughout the year.

Caroline Swindin, Fundraising Development Manager at St Barnabas Hospice, said: “We are very grateful to Fenner Prescision and James Dawson for choosing to support our charity.

“They have such a strong local presence, and it’s wonderful partnering with such a widely regarded business. No doubt some staff members will have had personal experience with our Hospice and we hope their positive experiences will help drive their fundraising efforts.

“We provide a diverse range of services to our local communities, and we would not be able to continue our work without the generous donations of our supporters. Every pound that gets donated really makes a difference, so thank you to Fenner Precision and James Dawson for choosing us.”

Natasha Fryer, Customs Export Manager at Fenner Precision and James Dawson said: “We are really pleased to be supporting St Barnabas, as supporting a local charity was one of my main aims and I’m happy the Works Council board voted for St Barnabas. “We’ve got loads of activities planned to help raise as much as we can throughout the year!”

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