Care in Lincoln

The Inpatient Unit on Nettleham Road in Lincoln has eleven specialist beds and referral to this service is made via a healthcare professional such as your GP, specialist nurse, community nurse or hospital.

For more information about our Inpatient ward in Lincoln call 01522 511 566

How to refer

Referrals can be made using the Inpatient Unit Referral form. This can be emailed via a secure NHS account or faxed through to the safe haven fax (details below). The form has been provided electronically to G.P. practices throughout Lincolnshire, LCHS Community Nursing teams and ULHT. It is also available for download from the End of Life Care website.

Email to: or fax to
01522 785 711

For urgent referrals, please telephone the unit on
01522 511 566.

All referrals are discussed at the twice daily triage meetings, Monday – Friday, at 9am and 2pm, after which, the referrer will be contacted.

Currently, admissions take place Monday to Friday and should preferably be before 2.30pm each day.

View our patient information on the Lincoln Inpatient Unit below:

Why do people come to the Inpatient ward?
How do I get referred to the Inpatient ward?
How long will my stay on the Inpatient ward be?
What is the Inpatient ward like?
What do I need to bring with me if I’m an Inpatient?
Personal property
Can I smoke?
What happens at meal times?
When can my family and friends visit?
Can visitors stay overnight at the Hospice?
Can visitors purchase meals and drinks?
Where can visitors park?