Shining bright on the Tree of Life

This year, our majestic 30ft Tree of Life will once again stand proudly outside Lincoln Cathedral, from the 21st November and throughout the whole festive period.

If you can’t make the Torchlight Procession, or you would just like to go on another date, we encourage you to visit in your own time and spend a quiet moment reflecting as your loved one’s light shines brightly.

Seeing the tree is completely free and open to all.

Dedicate a light today
Lincoln Cathedral illuminated at night with St Barnabas Tree of Life and crowd of supporters

The Torchlight Procession

The Light up a Life Torchlight Procession is a unique and iconic celebration for Lincolnshire, an opportunity for families and friends to join together in remembering loved ones.

The Light up a Life Torchlight Procession is a poignant event held in Lincoln that sees hundreds of people, young and old. The procession is a short walk to the Cathedral, past the Hospice on Nettleham Road, carrying flaming torches.

Each torch is a symbol of a loved one being remembered; it is a breath-taking and emotional event to be part of. Unfortunately, the tickets to the event have now sold out, with over 1,500 taking part to remember loved ones. However, the event will be livestreamed, and will be available to watch on our Facebook page starting from 7:25pm.

Finn's Story

This Christmas will be the first without my mother, Philippa (Philly), but it warms my heart to know that we can still celebrate Philly’s life thanks to Light up a Life and one of the symbolic lights will be shining brightly for her.

At an otherwise happy period in our lives, Philly’s first diagnosis of Stage 3 Breast Cancer came in 2009, when I was only 10 years old. It was a devastating diagnosis for the entire family. Philly underwent surgery which was followed by intense rounds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, all of which she endured with determination and hope.

That same year I remember watching the St Barnabas Torchlight Procession and seeing the people travel past where we lived in Lincoln’s Bailgate. Although as a young boy, I had no idea what a huge impact St Barnabas would have on our family in the future.

The incredible care of St Barnabas allowed us one last miracle period and we will be forever grateful. The warmth and sincerity the team showed us is something I know we all take comfort from every day. Although visiting was tough, no matter what we were walking into, or the guilt we would often feel when walking away – she was safe. Her final month with us at St Barnabas, provided endless moments of laughter, deep reflection, and the incredible gift of goodbye.

I am comforted to know many people taking part in Light Up a Life may have had similar experiences to myself and my family, and we are joined together by an understanding of the incredible work St Barnabas do. I invite you to join me to Light up a Life this Christmas.

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How to participate


Dedicate a light

Dedicate a light in memory of a loved one, which will shine brightly on the Tree of Life outside Lincoln Cathedral with thousands of others.

Dedicate your light

Watch the Torchlight Procession

Join us on the 21st of November as we walk alongside hundreds of people, young and old, walking to the Cathedral carrying flaming torches in memory of loved ones. The event will be livestreamed, and will be available to watch on our Facebook page starting from 7:25pm.

Watch the Torchlight Procession live