Remembering Mum on Mother’s Day

9th March 2021

We know that Mother’s Day can be a difficult for day for many, especially in these troubling times when you may be not be around friends or family. We hope these ideas bring comfort to those missing their mum.

Take care of yourself
You may want to spend some time alone, thinking about your mum. You may experience both happy and sad memories, and it is important to treat yourself with the same kindness and care you would show to a good friend.

Write a card
If it feels right for you, write a card or note to your mum. You might want to include what you loved about her, or your earliest memory together. What do you most celebrate about her life?

Remember her
You can do this by simply lighting a candle. If you are not able to be with others who are also remembering her today, you can agree a time when you will light a candle together and hold her in mind. It doesn’t matter that you are not in the same place. The important thing is that you remember her together.

Reach out to those who knew her too
Ask questions or start conversations with others who knew her too. What do they remember about her? What was she like when she was younger? Funny memories?

Remember this is just another day
It can be hard to see others celebrating Mother’s Day when your mum is not here. Remember this is just another day and it will pass. Be kind to yourself.

At St Barnabas we support people across Lincolnshire coping with a bereavement, whether their loved one has been cared for by the Hospice or not. Here are some of the ways we could support you:

Online bereavement groups

These groups offer you a space to express your grief in a safe and supported environment with others that have also experienced a bereavement. There is a maximum of six people within the group plus two St Barnabas facilitators who are there to offer support.

Click here to book onto a session.

Bereavement helpline

St Barnabas have opened a bereavement helpline for the people of Lincolnshire in response to the coronavirus pandemic. This helpline offers support for those experiencing grief from all bereavement not just the coronavirus. The helpline is open Monday to Friday, 11am to 3pm.

Call: 0300 303 1897

On accessing the bereavement helpline, if it is identified that you would benefit from ongoing one to one support, a referral can be made for you to access either telephone or webcam sessions with one of our trained supportive listening or counselling bereavement volunteers.

Fundraise for us

Support your local Hospice by taking part in one of our pre-organised challenges, or take on your own! You will receive support along every step of the way!

Learn more about Fundraising


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