Virtual Bereavement Group

Jun - Dec 2021Zoom video call

Event time: 1.30-3pmParticipation cost: Free

We understand that after the death of a loved one, your thoughts and feelings can be overwhelming and difficult to understand or to put into words.  When someone close dies, it can leave you feeling alone and experiencing complex, unexpected feelings.  Our team of trained and experienced volunteers are here to offer you the help you may need at this time.

These groups offer you a space to express your grief in a safe and supported environment with others that have also experienced a bereavement. There is a maximum of six people within the group plus two St Barnabas facilitators who are there to offer support.

Bereavement Helpline

If you need more urgent or one-to-one support, we have a Bereavement Helpline which you can call any time between 11am and 3pm, Monday to Friday. Call 0300 303 1897.


Thursday 30th September (1.30-3pm) FREE  
Monday 18th October (1.30-3pm) FREE  
Thursday 4th November (1.30-3pm) FREE  
Monday 15th November (1.30-3pm) FREE  
Thursday 2nd December (1.30-3pm) FREE  
Monday 13th December (1.30-3pm) FREE