Twilight tours at Doddington Hall

Join us to experience the Dragonfly Display by Twilight in the Doddington Hall gardens.

The evening tour will take you through a short walk of the gardens, during which you’ll learn the importance of the Dragonfly to the Hospice. The tour will conclude at the Croquet lawn, where you will be able to enjoy the full display and take a moment to remember your loved ones. Our Bereavement counsellors will also be offering support. The display will be complimented by live music and interactive Lilypad display.

Special thanks to all involved for their continued support to make this integral part of the Dragonfly appeal happen, despite Covid-19. We are delighted that this display, which was initially intended for April could be rearranged.

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Neil's Story

“We were just a normal family looking forward to our fantastic trip to Disney World before Dawn got ill. While we were away on holiday Dawn started to get really poorly. We thought it was just a stomach bug and it was only when we got home that we realised it was serious.

“Two weeks after our trip, we were given the shattering news that Dawn had stage four cancer and a few weeks later we found out her cancer had spread, and she only had months to live.

“It was at this time, Dawn went into St Barnabas Hospice for pain relief. Her condition deteriorated very quickly, and she stayed in the Hospice until the end of her life. St Barnabas don’t just look after the patient, they make it about the wider family.

“We have an Acer tree in our garden for Dawn, which helps us feel close to her. This is where our dragonfly will be going, so it can watch over Dawn for us when we’re not there.”

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Visiting the Display, from 10am to 4pm

The display at Doddington Hall will run from Sat 12th – Fri 25th September from 10am to 4pm. Due to safety measures booking to see the Dragonflies is essential.

Complemented by interactive Lilypads, the display has been designed by Doddington’s head gardener Jordan and can be seen on the Croquet Lawn through the walled gardens. The St Barnabas Hospice wellbeing team will be available to offer support and will be running craft sessions suitable for younger visitors on selected dates.

If you have dedicated a Dragonfly you will still need to book – but your ticket, and a guest will be complimentary. To arrange your visit please click here and select the St Barnabas ticket option which will allow you to book tickets for free, and pay for any additional guests. To see the Dragonflies by Twilight, click here to book your tickets.


You can collect your dragonfly from Doddington Hall on Sat 26th or Sun 27th September from 10am – 4pm.  Dragonfly collections will also be available from our Fundraising Office in Lincoln and in Grantham within the first two weeks of October.

There will be an additional 500 dragonflies made after the display which will be available to collect at a later date. The dragonflies can also be posted for an additional cost of £4.95 (including those in the display).

Collection at Doddington Hall
Collection from St Barnabas Hospice, Cardinal Close
Collection from Grantham