‘Wild At Heart’ HeART Trail Sculpture sculpture vandalised

12th September 2023

A Heart-shaped sculpture, created out of welded metal Spanners. Inside the frame of the heart, includes animals created out of recycled metal, such as birds and a Hare. This sculpture is part of the St Barnabas HeART Trail.

St Barnabas Hospice are disappointed to announce that the ‘Wild at HeART sculpture’, made by artist Brett Barker, was vandalised in the last few weeks of the Trail, with the removal of the metalwork Hare from the middle of the HeART.

Caroline Swindin, Head of Fundraising and Lottery explains: “We believe a member of the public has intentionally removed one of the wildlife figures within the sculpture’s frame, worth individually over £300. The only way someone may have done this is using a metal grinder or similar power tool, which is so upsetting.

“Brett Barker has thankfully been able to work his magic and install another sculpture of a butterfly, just in time for the HeART to be auctioned. Brett wanted to use the butterfly design as a symbol of the transformation of the artwork.

“The person responsible has cost the Hospice time and monies in repairs. We, and Brett, are very upset and disappointed to see another HeART damaged in such a deliberate way.”

St Barnabas have reported the vandalism to the police and are awaiting further steps to find the perpetrator.

The HeART, sponsored by Allen Signs Ltd, has been displayed in Grantham throughout the Summer. The sculpture, now fixed, will be displayed at the Lincoln Museum as part of the reunion event open from the 14th to 28th September.

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