Lincolnshire hospice launch new app to encourage conversations about dying, death and bereavement

10th May 2016

St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice launch The Good Goodbye app to help people to live and die in the way that they choose

St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice has launched a new app The Good Goodbye to encourage conversations about dying, death and bereavement.

The app, which was produced by Liam Moat, will be available to download for free and will pose a series of questions to prompt discussions. Questions can be answered at random or within themes such as Living Life to the Full, Planning Ahead, Being Cared For, Dying Well, and After Death.

Earlier this year the Dying Matters Coalition revealed that 71% of the public agreed that if people in Britain felt more comfortable discussing dying, death and bereavement it would be easier to have their end of life wishes met.

Community Development Manager Lisa Gibson said the new app would help to change social attitudes towards these subjects and help to remove the stigma associated with talking about death.

“Talking about dying may not be easy, but it could be one of the most important conversations you will ever have. In many ways, death and dying has become a modern day taboo with people actively avoiding their own mortality.

“A fundamental change in society to accept death as a part of the life cycle will mean that when death does have an impact on our lives we will be better equipped to support each other.

“Open and honest conversations will also mean that more people are able to access the care and support they need, make the most of the time they have and have their end of life wishes met.”

The app can be used independently or as part of a group to promote wider discussion. Where a participant finds a question particularly thought provoking it can be saved to an envelope which will be forwarded to them at the end of the game. In order to play only one person needs to have downloaded the app.

Lisa said: “The Good Goodbye offers users the chance to gather their thoughts together about how they want their end of life to be. The app is about talking to your friends and loved ones and sharing your thoughts and feelings.

“Users should think about where is the best place for them to have these conversations, who would they like to be involved and when would be the best time to have these conversations.

“The important thing is that The Good Goodbye is a practical first step in starting important conversations and for putting plans in place.”

The Good Goodbye is available to download from the Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play Store.



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