Local singer performs to raise funds for St Barnabas Hospice

28th February 2023

Young woman in glittery top singing with two large black amplifiers and personalised juke box

24-year-old Laura Chester from Lincoln is a famous name in care homes and day centres around Lincolnshire, as she regularly brings smiles to patients’ faces by performing her classic rock repertoire.

At the end of 2022, Laura decided to request a small contribution from each centre for her regular performances so she may donate this to St Barnabas, in memory of her singing mentor Amanda Garrett.

Two women with long brown hair, the woman on the right wears glasses. Purple background

Amanda fought a short battle with breast cancer and received care in the St Barnabas Inpatient Unit, before sadly dying in August 2022 in Grantham Hospital. She went by her stage name ‘Amanda G’ and was a well-known and much-loved performer in the live music scene around the county, greatly missed by many. Amanda and Laura are pictured on the left.

With an extensive catalogue of songs and an impressive set-up including amplifiers and personalised equipment in the style of a juke box, Laura visits eight centres on a rotating basis to sing. This is on top of performances in pubs and community clubs across the region, where she has made many friends along the way.

In total, Laura raised £425 and to round off her tour she performed in the Inpatient Unit at the end of January, where she was happy to take on requests as she sang. She met some of the clinical team that looked after Amanda and was able to have a look around the newly refurbished building.

Laura says: “I am really pleased that I raised this money for St Barnabas, to say thank you for taking care of Amanda. I know she was looked after really well here, and that means a lot to me.

Young woman in glittery top singing with two large black amplifiers and personalised juke box. Flowers on table in foreground

“Performing at the Inpatient Unit was a nice experience, not many patients were able to make it to the area where I was singing due to their health but they will have been able to hear the music in  their wards and rooms, and I hope it cheered them.

“I just love singing, whether that’s to three people or thirty. It’s always fantastic to see people enjoy my music, especially when they request a song and have a good time.

“I am a huge Elvis fan and a lot of the music I perform is from that 1950s and ‘60s era, often the people I sing for really brighten up when I play a song they remember from their youth and they will dance and sing along.”

Sue Carter, Ward Manager at St Barnabas says: “A big thank you to Laura. In the words of her hero: One, for the money, and two, for the show! It was lovely to meet her, and we greatly appreciate her generous donation and performance in our Unit.”

Young woman wearing glasses and older woman wearing blue facemask, they are holding a large presentation cheque for St Barnabas Hospice

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