Engineered in Stitches: £10,000 raised for the Hospice!

10th February 2020

“I think people perhaps think to fundraise you’ve got to shave your hair or wax your legs or do something very publicly, but you can do things quite quietly and in a solitary way and do some good for people. That’s what I’m trying to do.”

The beauty of fundraising for St Barnabas is that however you choose to do it, you are making a positive difference for those in your local community; work to your strengths and turn the things you enjoy into a method of fundraising. This is exactly what Sue Dewsbury has done, and she has raised over £10,000 for St Barnabas in the process!

Sue is an embroidery designer and creator of the “Engineered in Stitches” Facebook page. Sue designs patterns for machine embroidery and shares her designs and instructions on her page in return for a donation to St Barnabas.

Sue decided to fundraise after her friend received end of life care with us.

She said: “The care at St Barnabas was so wonderful for my friend. Her family told me that she’d wanted me to have all her fabric after she died. So I collected all of this fabric and I thought “well I’ll carry on doing my designs and I’ll try and find a way to sell them so that St Barnabas can benefit from the money.”

Not only has the Engineered in Stitches Facebook page raised thousands, it has also raised awareness of the Hospice all over the world!

Sue said: “I’ve made friends through the Facebook group from all over the world and they’re just wonderful people who like my designs but also want to support St Barnabas. St Barnabas now has supporters from New Zealand, Australia, India, Hawaii and lots in America and Canada.”

We would like to say a big thank you to Sue for all of the hard work she selflessly puts into her designs for the benefit of the Hospice. The donations resulting from her designs has so far funded over 500 hours of essential Hospice at Home care!

If you have a skill that you think could help to raise money for the Hospice, give our fundraising office a call on 01522 540 300


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