“Four days out of my life doing this ride is little in comparison to the fantastic work people do each and every day at St Barnabas.”

27th August 2019

Debbie Wren cycling

Debbie Wren has signed up to the 280-mile Euro City Cycle Challenge in support of St Barnabas Hospice after her mum sadly died of a stem stroke and heart failure in our Grantham Hospice in the Hospital, age 87.

Debbie said, “My mum, Celia Mabel Moss, was an amazing woman who accomplished so much in her life. She will always be my guiding light and my inspiration. Her first love was gardening, nature and wildlife – a passion that never went until the day she died. Because Mum was in the Hospice in Spring, I was able to bring her bunches of daffodils from the garden which I know she loved. Debbie's mum

“When Mum had her stroke, she was only able to communicate by blinking her right eye. The nurses just knew how to look after someone who was unable to talk, swallow or move, and I didn’t have to worry that she was left on her own in distress. They made sure she was clean and comfortable at all times and chatted to her like a human being.

“The care you provided to allow Mum to die with comfort, care and dignity was second to none. I personally could not have faced this on my own and I really am so full of admiration for both the nurses who provided the care and for St Barnabas as a whole, for offering the service to everyone in need. Although it has been two years since Mum died, I still struggle each day with an incredible sense of loss. It simply has not got any easier. I will never forget the care you provided.

“Mum was always known for her generous and kind nature, so I know she’d approve of my fundraising for the Hospice. I have a real desire to support a charity that is there for anyone who may need their help. Four days out of my life doing this ride is little in comparison to the fantastic work people do each and every day at St Barnabas. Debbie's Mum

“The Euro City Cycle Challenge will see me cycle 280 miles across three countries. I work for the Royal Bank of Scotland, who have kindly matched £250 of my fundraising, as well as allowing me to take volunteering leave to complete the ride. So far, I have raised £1,800 and I can’t wait to do more fundraising for St Barnabas in the future.

“I know I will never forget the way that the Hospice looked after my mum. This challenge is for everyone at St Barnabas.”

St Barnabas Hospice is currently looking for people to take part in their Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge. If you’re inspired by Debbie’s story, why not sign up and do something amazing to raise money for end-of-life care in Lincolnshire. To view more information and sign up, visit www.stbarnabashospice.co.uk/yorkshire-three-peaks.

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