“After finishing the Colour Dash at Home, my mum’s cousin was suddenly diagnosed with terminal cancer and spent a short time in the Hospice before she died. It just goes to show how important it is to raise funds for St Barnabas as you just never know if any of your loved ones might need their care in the future.”

Colour Dash at Home has brought joy to families across Lincolnshire who were left disappointed when the main Colour Dash event at the Lincolnshire Showground had to be cancelled during lockdown. One family who joined in the fun was the Chapmans in Lincoln – husband and wife, Jo and Colin, and their children, Dylan (9) and Evelyn (5). Evelyn and Dylan

Jo said, “We have completed two Colour Dash events for St Barnabas in the past as they are such a wonderful, local cause. After finishing the Colour Dash at Home, my mum’s cousin was suddenly diagnosed with terminal cancer and spent a short time in the Hospice before she died. It just goes to show how important it is to raise funds for St Barnabas as you just never know if any of your loved ones might need their care in the future.

“Mum’s cousin, Carol Smith, had only a short stay at St Barnabas after her illness got rapidly worse. As a family, we are pleased she was cared for in such a homely environment and we want to thank the staff at the Hospice for being there for her at the end.

“Once we had finished the fun run, my sister and mum came to join us for a socially distanced picnic and paint party in the back garden. The kids were even able to visit some friend’s houses on the route we chose.”

Dylan, Jo’s nine-year-old said, “It was fun having paint thrown all over me, it was all amazing!”

Evelyn, Jo’s five-year-old added, “I liked splashing Daddy with the paint and going to throw paint at my best friend, Elizabeth. It was lots of fun!”

Jo added, “I would like to thank St Barnabas for thinking outside the box to give us a fun family activity that kept the kids entertained during the summer holidays and also provided the opportunity to raise money for such a worthwhile cause. We have raised £328 for the Hospice and are truly grateful for the care they gave Carol when it mattered most.

“My message to mums and dads out there is to sign your family up to the Colour Dash at Home! Your kids will love it and, just like me, you never know how close one of your friends or family members could be to needing the incredible care of St Barnabas Hospice.”

There is still time to sign your family up to take part in the Colour Dash at Home. Visit www.stbarnabashospice.co.uk/homecolourdash and register from as little as £10 per family.

“One day in the Hospice garden, Tony pointed out a blue dragonfly which was flying around. It landed just in front of us on the railing and we shared a smile, watching it until it flew away.”

The St Barnabas Hospice dragonfly display at Doddington Hall & Gardens has been a huge hit, with tickets for the first weekend selling out on the launch day! Over the next couple of weeks, supporters of the Hospice will travel from across Lincolnshire and beyond to see the dragonflies they dedicated in memory of their loved ones.

One of these supporters is Sue Brown who visited the display this afternoon, exactly one year on from the death of her husband, Tony. Tony

Sue said, “It felt very emotional being able to mark the occasion in such a special way, and a way that would have made Tony proud. When Tony was in the Hospice, the nurses would often taken his bed out onto the patio for some fresh air. It was blissful just being able to sit with him there, holding hands and looking at the garden.

“One day in the Hospice garden, Tony pointed out a blue dragonfly which was flying around. It landed just in front of us on the railing and we shared a smile, watching it until it flew away. Tony was a great nature lover and particularly enjoyed watching dragonflies dance around in the sky.

“When I saw the dragonfly appeal, I just knew I had to dedicate one for Tony so the special moment at the Hospice will stay with me forever. I know these dragonflies will mean the world to families across Lincolnshire, just as Tony’s dragonfly will mean the world to me.

“Tony was being cared for by St Barnabas Hospice after discovering he had cancer for a second time. It was soft tissue sarcoma with deposits in his lungs, which also fractured his hip. He died age 64 and I will never forget the incredible care given to us both by all the staff we came into contact with. The Hospice was just like home and the compassion shown was amazing. The nurses became our friends and I am so grateful for everything they did to support us. Sue and Tony

“When I bring Tony’s dragonfly home, it will go in a very special place in my garden where I can sit and remember him. I will think about the lovable, funny, kind man that I married and know that he is out there somewhere thinking about me.

“Tony’s dragonfly will watch over our garden, just as he did when he was alive. I can’t thank St Barnabas enough for their incredible care and for thinking of such a lovely way for families to remember loved ones.”

Over 1,000 dragonflies will be on display on the Croquet Lawn at Doddington Hall until Friday 25th September, and supporters must book to see them. To book your visit or to dedicate your own dragonfly in memory of a loved one, go to www.stbarnabashospice.co.uk/dragonfly.

Dragonfly display – coronavirus statement

St Barnabas Hospice is delighted to announce the display of 1,000 ironwork dragonflies launches on Saturday 12th September at Doddington Hall and Gardens.
We have worked with the team at Doddington Hall to create a safe environment for the outdoor display, implementing social distancing and keeping groups to six or less. We have limited visitor numbers and have essential online booking to make the experience as safe as possible for our supporters. We ask that if you are planning to visit the display you are respectful of social distancing, be patient and follow our one-way system.
We are waiting for further Government guidelines in regards to outdoor displays which may impact the Twilight Tours and the collection days. If you have booked a Twilight Tour, or your collection slot from Doddington Hall, we will be emailing you with any changes.
Thank you.
If you would like to book tickets to see the display, visit the display virtually or dedicate your own dragonfly visit www.stbarnabashospice.co.uk/dragonfly

More than 1,000 iron dragonflies to be displayed at Doddington Hall in memory of loved ones

St Barnabas Hospice has partnered with Doddington Hall to display a beautiful collection of handcrafted dragonflies in the gardens this month.

Designed by Doddington Hall’s head gardener, Jordan Wallhead, over 1,000 dragonflies will be part of a display on the Croquet Lawn, through the peaceful walled gardens. Each of these dragonflies has been dedicated by a St Barnabas supporter in memory of a loved one. Supporters will be able to place these dragonflies in their own gardens once the display has finished.

Teams at St Barnabas Hospice, Doddington Hall and Lincoln College have been working hard behind the scenes to bring this beautiful display to life. Members of the public will be able to visit the display from Saturday 12th to Friday 25th September, 10am to 4pm. They can spend a quiet moment reflecting in the peaceful surroundings, follow an interactive lily pad story trail around the display, get support from members of the St Barnabas Wellbeing team and learn more about the significance of the dragonflies. There will also be the opportunity for children to take part in craft sessions on certain days.

The safety of visitors to the display is paramount, meaning members of the public can only visit if they have made a booking on the Doddington Hall website. The display is included in general garden admission of £7.50 for adults, £3.50 for children and £19 for a family. Supporters who have dedicated a dragonfly in memory of a loved one can get in free with a guest but will still need to book a day to visit online.

Sam Waterer, Individual Giving Fundraiser at St Barnabas Hospice said, “I want to thank Doddington Hall for being so amazing to work with on this project. It will be our first event since the coronavirus pandemic began and we can’t wait to welcome our supporters back and give them a truly unique experience.

“As well as being able to visit the display during the day, we are also running several Twilight Tours as the sun sets over the gardens. A special thanks must go to Howell Thomas and the team at Lincoln College for helping us bring the display to life at this magical time of day.”

Twilight Tours will take place on Wednesday 16th, Friday 18th and Friday 25th September. The dragonflies will be lit beautifully as a St Barnabas tour guide takes supporters through a short walk of the gardens. Attendees will learn the significance of the dragonfly to the Hospice and why it was chosen for this year’s display. The tour will conclude at the Croquet Lawn so supporters can enjoy the full display and take a moment to remember loved ones. Bereavement counsellors will be on hand for those in need of support and live music will play.

These tours cost just £10 per adult and £5 per child and places must be booked on the St Barnabas website in advance to ensure the event remains compliant with current government guidelines. Visit www.stbarnabashospice.co.uk/events to book onto a tour.

Claire Birch, who runs the Doddington Hall estate alongside her husband James, said, “If I were to dedicate a dragonfly to somebody it would be for my mother. I know the Hospice was very helpful when she was dying back in 2006 and she fought and worked so incredibly hard for Doddington all her adult life. It will be very apt for me to be remembering her here. She left the place in an amazing state for us and her legacy was extraordinary.”

To date, more than £80,000 has been raised for St Barnabas Hospice from people dedicating a dragonfly in memory of a loved one. This is open to anyone, not just those whose loved one has experienced hospice care. To view more information and dedicate a dragonfly, visit www.stbarnabashospice.co.uk/dragonfly

Supporter takes a trip down memory lane with ‘On Yer Bike’ challenge

Matthew Flower recently took on our On Yer Bike 100km summer cycling challenge in a day! He used it as a chance to re-visit places from his childhood and reflect.

Matthew said, “This is the first time I’ve made the effort to raise some money for any cause. Don’t get me wrong I do my bit, a few quid here and there, the Torchlight Procession in November, but actually doing something and raising some money, well if I’m honest that’s a rarity akin to the passing of a comet!”

“Recent events reminded me of the wonderful work that St Barnabas does for people in need all the time, every day. Maybe now I needed to be doing more because others couldn’t. The 100km On Yer Bike challenge struck a chord… surely even I could do that.

“So I signed up and then started thinking that it would be a good reason to re-visit places from my childhood, the house I grew up in, my Nan’s house, the cathedral, parks I had played in, paths I walked to school and the schools I had been too.

“Although I hadn’t been on a bike in a year, I decided to do the 100km in a day, with no training. I would just get up and get on with it. If it turned out to be painful and difficult, that would help me to reflect on my reasons for doing it and spur me on.

“And that’s what I did, despite many factors seemingly transpiring against me! I had to go it alone at the last minute, forgot my helmet, fell off trying to take a decent selfie, slipped the chain off too many times to count, forgot my mask so I couldn’t stop for provisions, and the inevitable head, cross (but never tail) wind.

“When the rolling hills of the Wolds tried to get the better of my aching limbs (carrying a few pounds more than they’re designed to), I was reminded that this pain was merely temporary for me… I had to dig deep and get the job done. St Barnabas has been there for my family and I needed to do my bit to help others.

“The support I received has been amazing, from friends as far away as Australia, to family and massive contributions from my work colleagues. Thank you to everyone, I know that the contributions will help St Barnabas to keep being there for people because every little helps. If I’m honest, I really enjoyed doing it too!

Click here to view Matthew’s JustGiving page.

On Yer Bike challenges supporters to cycle 100km this summer, whether that be over a day, week, month or the duration of the summer. Supporters can also take it up a level by setting their own target distance! We ask that you raise a minimum of £100 sponsorship money. To find out more information and sign up, click here.

We have launched the Colour Dash at home for families to enjoy this summer!

St Barnabas Hospice has announced that their hugely popular Colour Dash event will go ahead this summer, without the need for a mass gathering.

The St Barnabas Colour Dash is in its sixth year and would have seen thousands of people coming together at the Lincolnshire Showground in May to complete a 5k fun run through powdered paint. Sadly, the event was cancelled this year when the coronavirus outbreak began.

Over 14,000 people have taken part in the Colour Dash over the past six years and it has raised in excess of £750,000 for the Hospice. This year’s cancelled event leaves a big fundraising gap for the Hospice to try and fill.

Fundraising staff at the Hospice have worked hard to make plans for an adapted version of their headline event to go ahead this year, whilst observing social distancing regulations. They are delighted to announce the launch of Colour Dash at Home!

Supporters of the hospice can pick any day in July or August, dress in their brightest colours and take part in their own local 5k fun run for the Hospice. After the run, they can turn their garden into a private paint party and celebrate with pouches of coloured paint powder and medals being posted out by the Hospice.

Caroline Swindin, Fundraising Development Manager at St Barnabas Hospice said, “So many of our supporters look forward to the Colour Dash each year that we just didn’t want to disappoint them. Colour Dash at Home is a safe and fun way for families to complete their fun run and raise money for the Hospice.

“I am really looking forward to seeing how creative everyone gets with their outfits and party decorations! Why not bring out the face paints, turn the music up and have a brightly coloured picnic when you finish the run?”

Tickets are just £10 per family of five that registers for the Colour Dash at Home. Included in this price are free medals for any children who have signed up and five packets of coloured paint powder. Families can also order additional paint powder at the point of sign-up for an extra £5 per five packets.

St Barnabas are asking families taking on the Colour Dash at Home to try and raise £50 in sponsorship money. This money would fund three bereavement support sessions to help someone who is struggling to cope with their grief.

Last year alone, 6,363 hours of bereavement support were provided free of charge to around 600 patients, their families and carers by St Barnabas Hospice.

John Marshall, local radio presenter and St Barnabas supporter said, “You may know that I experienced the care St Barnabas Hospice offers first-hand when my partner Angela received end-of-life care throughout her diagnosis, to her last few days spend in the Inpatient Unit. I hope you never have to experience using the Hospice, but if you do, be assured that you are in safe hands. The care Angela, myself and our daughter, Eleanor received was second to none and to thank them I have decided to do something each year to support the Hospice.

“Eleanor and I had great fun running the Colour Dash in 2019. It was amazing to see so many people running in memory and support of their loved ones, and raising a huge amount to offer more people, like Angela, compassionate care. This year, I wanted to run again, but due to the coronavirus it was cancelled.

“However, I’m pleased to see the Fundraising team have launched a new ‘at home’ pack, to host your own Colour Dash paint party at home. Signing up is only £10 for the family and the Hospice are asking you to raise £50, which would offer someone like myself and Eleanor a free bereavement session when they need it most.

“So come on, #GetMessy and join in the biggest ‘at home’ Colour Dash this summer!”

Visit www.stbarnabashospice.co.uk/homecolourdash to sign up.

On Yer Bike cycling challenge gives couple a new passion

Bill and Theresa Morran are taking on the St Barnabas On Yer Bike, 100km of Summer Cycling challenge to raise much needed funds for the Hospice. Not only have they smashed their £1,000 target, it has also given them a new passion!

Bill said, “In terms of the challenge and why we took it on, neither of us have ridden a bike for over 3 years. I suffer from coccyx issues and preferred to run. My knees do not allow me to run any distance these days though and Theresa has never had any real interest in cycling at all! We had been thinking about creating some space in the garage by getting rid of the cycles until we saw the 100k On Yer Bike challenge! However, we decided to sign up for the challenge together and raise some funds for St Barnabas.

“Theresa was a St Barnabas volunteer very many years ago so has seen first-hand the great work that they do and the massive comfort provided to individuals and their families at such a very difficult and sad time. I then read an article about the £1 million of lost donations/fundraising through the coronavirus and thought we had to do more. Therefore, I decided to give myself a fresh challenge and ride 500k in around six weeks and try to raise at least £1,000!

“I have to say, with my coccyx, the challenge has been tough as I find it painful to be in the saddle for too long! However, both Theresa and I have found that it is a past-time that we can both enjoy together as well. I have managed in excess of 50k at one time and Theresa 30k as well – we would never have imagined that being possible. Theresa was worried she would struggle to achieve the 100k by the end of September and has already gone well past the target!

“I have also reached the £1,000 target set, now at £1,065, and have decided to add a further 10k for every £50 of additional donations to keep the money coming in until the end of July deadline I set myself to complete the original 500k.

“We have really enjoyed exploring new places together, getting out in the countryside and having some fun together, which have all been added bonuses. In fact, rather than making space, we have now both invested in hybrid cycles in addition to the road bikes and have booked a staycation, invested in a bike rack for the car and are taking our hybrid cycles away for a cycling holiday together in a week or so!

“The On Yer Bike challenge has definitely led to us to having a new past-time that we can enjoy together, which we would never have imagined!”

Click here to view Bill’s JustGiving page.

On Yer Bike challenges supporters to cycle 100km this summer, whether that be over a day, week, month or the duration of the summer. Supporters can also take it up a level by setting their own target distance! We ask that you raise a minimum of £100 sponsorship money. To find out more information and sign up, click here.

Our dragonfly production has been doubled due to demand!

Donations for ‘in memory’ dragonflies have hit £68,000 as St Barnabas Hospice reaches the half-way point in their campaign.

St Barnabas Hospice, a Lincolnshire-based charity, launched their dragonfly appeal in March so supporters could make a donation and receive a beautiful, ironwork dragonfly for their garden. These dragonflies are made locally, and the 1,500 that were initially commissioned by the Hospice have almost sold out. Stefanos

After seeing the huge popularity of these dragonflies, St Barnabas is delighted to announce that 1,500 more will now be available to order. The dragonflies stand at 85cm tall with a wingspan of 21cm and body length of 13cm.

Dragonflies are often used as a symbol of life after death and are a special way of helping children to understand their grief when a loved one dies. Money raised from the dragonfly appeal will help to launch a free children’s bereavement service at the Hospice, giving children and young people the opportunity to talk about their grief in one-to-one or group settings, with trained counsellors.

Stefanos from The Old Smithy in South Ferriby is once again working with the Hospice to create these little creatures, after the huge success of his forget me nots which raised over £100,000 for the Hospice last year.

Roz, Stefanos’s wife said, “Prior to the pandemic we had been busy making dragonflies at the forge. Virtually all our garden shows etc. have been cancelled this year due to the coronavirus, however fortunately online sales have meant that Stefanos has still been able to create his sculptures and dragonflies.

“Over 1,000 dragonflies are ready, many have been delivered to St Barnabas and many more will be ready to ‘fly’ soon. We are delighted to inform you that the The Old Smithy is now full steam ahead and looking forward to making any additional dragonflies required for the appeal.

“We feel privileged to support the charity after the success of the forget me nots last year and look forward to seeing the amazing display later in the year.”

Neil Buck, a supporter of St Barnabas Hospice, will be dedicating his dragonfly in memory of his wonderful wife Dawn, mum to their young daughter, Sophie. Neil and Dawn in the Hospice

Neil said, “The time that Dawn spent at St Barnabas helped us all immensely. They don’t just look after the patient; they make it about the wider family. Just the week before Dawn died, we had our sixth wedding anniversary. They let me take our dog in to see her and we celebrated with a bottle of prosecco. It made such a difference.

“We have an Acer tree in our garden for Dawn, which helps us feel close to her. This is where our dragonfly will be going, so it can watch over Dawn for us when we’re not there. It’s so important for us to keep her memory alive and to celebrate everything that she was. She was my world and I miss her every single day. I see so much of her in Sophie and that is what keeps me going.”

These beautiful dragonflies will go on display in the gardens at Doddington Hall from Saturday 12th to Sunday 27th September. Once the display ends, they will be available for delivery or collection in October. The campaign is being sponsored by the Waterside Shopping Centre.

The Hospice is looking for a suggested donation of £34.19 per dragonfly, which would fund two bereavement support sessions to help a person through their grief. To dedicate yours in memory of a loved one and receive it in October, visit www.stbarnabashospice.co.uk/dragonfly.


Two awards at the East Midlands Charity Awards

Following several awards wins last year, we won not one, but two more titles at the East Midlands Charity Awards, namely ‘Best Social and Digital Media’ and the ‘Outstanding Charity Support by Large Companies’ award which has been won in association with our corporate partner, HomeLet

We also made a mark in the overall ‘East Midlands Charity of the Year’ award, coming away with a ‘Highly Commended’ trophy.

“We were over the moon on Thursday evening, our Forget-Me-Not campaign was an amazing one that really struck a chord with our supporters and our social media made people aware of that,” said Head of Income Generation and People at St Barnabas, Michele Duggan. We’re so proud of the Marketing and Fundraising teams for thinking creatively and running such a widely-shared campaign.

“The campaign has been one of our most successful as it raised more than £104,000 and was beautifully-displayed at Lincoln Castle. It is also something that has inspired and shaped our current Dragonflies campaign and the idea of remembering a loved one forever with a keepsake. We are also so pleased to share an award with our valued partners HomeLet, as they are incredibly supportive and it’s great to have that recognised. Credit must go to our staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to provide what we know is an absolutely essential service for those families who need our support the most during what can be very difficult times.”

The awards were handed out in a virtual ceremony due to coronavirus but are set to return in full form next year.


#GoYellow for our 38th birthday!

On Thursday 11th June, St Barnabas Hospice will celebrate its 38th birthday in style by encouraging the people of Lincolnshire to ‘Go Yellow’.

Now that summer has arrived, birthday plans for St Barnabas Hospice are in full flow. The Hospice will celebrate its 38th birthday on Thursday 11th June and is asking supporters to get involved in true ‘yellowbelly’ style.

St Barnabas has made a list of yellow activities for all ages to get involved in. These include dressing up, baking, making a window display or taking part in a yellow-themed Wine and Wisdom Quiz with Lincs FM presenter and Hospice supporter, John Marshall. The quiz will take place on Facebook LIVE on Friday 12th June.

On the evening of 11th June, Lincolnshire landmarks, businesses and organisations will be lighting their buildings yellow in support of the hospice movement and to help bring a little sunshine into these uncertain times. Businesses getting involved include Doddington Hall and Lincoln Castle. The Hospice is asking more businesses to join in too. Email caroline.swindin@stbarnabashospice.co.uk if you have lights that you are able to turn yellow.

Lincoln Cathedral will also host a blessing to honour Saint Barnabas, the Hospice’s namesake, and all the staff, patients and families who have received care from the Hospice.

John Marshall, Lincs FM Presenter and St Barnabas supporter said, “Having experienced for myself the wonderful work the Hospice does in supporting patients and their families, I’m keen to support them in any way I can. I’m really excited to be part of Go Yellow and who doesn’t love a good quiz?”

Caroline Swindin, Fundraising Development Manager at St Barnabas Hospice added, “We are so grateful to everyone who has already decided to get involved with our Go Yellow campaign. It will be wonderful to see Lincolnshire being turned yellow as the colour is so symbolic both for hospice care and for Lincolnshire residents.

“We want to see people of all ages getting involved, so please share your pictures and videos with us on social media and use #GoYellow.

“A personal favourite idea of mine is a yellow Treasure Hunt. Take your children out around your city, town or village and set them on a trail to list as many yellow items or items beginning with the letter ‘y’ as they can find!”

St Barnabas has shared some fantastic resources on their website including a Barnabas Bear colouring sheet, make your own sunglasses, a cardboard collection box template and Go Yellow rosette.

If you want to get involved, the Hospice is asking you to text SUNSHINE to 70660 which will donate £5.

Visit www.stbarnabashospice.co.uk/goyellow to view the resources and list of yellow ideas. Email questions to fundraising@stbarnabashospice.co.uk.