40 Faces of hospice care | Meet Barbara Jones, volunteer and supporter

6th April 2023

A lady, Barbara Jones, who is a volunteer at St Barnabas Hospice, photographed in black and white, against a black backdrop

For 21 years, Barbara has been foregoing chocolate gifts, instead saving them for a hamper, tombola or another form of fundraising for St Barnabas – now that’s dedication!

Raising money for hospices is a way of life for Barbara and dates back to when a need for hospice care in Sleaford was recognised. Barbara immediately threw herself into helping make it happen. She brought together friends and contacts, and between them, they organised fundraising events, big and small. With the Mayor of Sleaford’s backing and Barbara’s impeccable organisation skills, they even staged a concert in the local church – the first secular concert to be held in the building.

Many of the group’s activities have stood the test of time, including knitting and selling Easter bunnies and chicks, raising thousands of pounds every year. And the baton for the group’s memorable fundraising lunches has been passed to our fundraising team. However, one event didn’t make it to a second year – the Sleaford Christmas market stall. On a particularly wet and windy day, Barbara’s husband, Jimmy, came in handy with his 6ft tall frame propping up the stall and holding down the roof covering! It sums up the sheer determination of the group. Whatever they had to do, they did it – except a second Sleaford Christmas market stall! And it paid off. Barbara and her team promoted the ethos of Hospice; caring for those who need support  even when there is not a hospice building.

Many of the original group can still be found fundraising today. And their ethos remains the same –  to help St Barnabas continue making the end of life the best it can be for patients and their families. While getting involved in the charity’s Fire Walk was a step too far for Barbara, she can be found at many a village show flying the St Barnabas flag and every year attends the World Egg Throwing Championship where she watches the competition with admiration and horror!

In her own words…

“We have a lot of fun supporting St Barnabas. It’s an absolute pleasure and gives us a great sense of purpose. Even through lockdown, the team fundraised at every opportunity. We’re very proud to support the Hospice. There’s one saying I heard in the early days of fundraising that has stuck with me and still holds true today: Time isn’t a gift that is ours to give, but quality of time we can give, and we do.

To see all 40 Faces and their stories, please visit: https://stbarnabashospice.co.uk/40faces

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