40 Faces of hospice care | Rob Glover, Volunteer at St Barnabas

22nd September 2023

A man, Rob Glover, who is a volunteer at St Barnabas Hospice, photographed in black and white, against a black backdrop

We can’t talk about Rob’s contribution over the years without first mentioning his wife, Margot. When former pilot, supply officer and squadron leader Rob broke his leg in 1996, exercise was part of his recovery. Margot said to him, “Why not walk to the St Barnabas fundraising office on the Bailgate – I’m sure they’ll want someone to put stamps on envelopes.” So he did, and Margot was right!

Rob soon became part of our small volunteer fundraising committee, going into the office every Wednesday morning to stuff and stamp envelopes. Hundreds of thousands of newsletters, fundraising appeals and more reached our supporters across Lincolnshire thanks to Rob and his fellow volunteers.

It wasn’t long before Rob was elected to be the committee secretary, and he saw himself volunteering for all sorts of events. Marshalling fundraising runs, manning the stand at the Lincolnshire Show and grappling with the elements on the charity stall at the Lincoln Christmas Market. But even high winds and flooding didn’t put Rob off!

In the comparatively uneventful fundraising office, stamp-collector Rob used his expert knowledge to sort through donated stamps spotting rare and valuable finds. He’s something of an authority when it comes to coins too. Right up to the present day, Rob sorts through out-of-use coins brought in with collection boxes or shop donations. His eye for detail has helped raise thousands of pounds by selling the coins to collectors at auction.

In fact, Rob has a catalogue of all the coins that have contributed to our funds. A complete set of Queen Victoria’s jubilee coins made it into the catalogue, but the Sovereign Rob sent to auction didn’t. Anticipating a big return from the rare find left Rob and the team disappointed when it turned out to be a fake!

Even though Rob has retired from the office, he’s still doing his bit for St Barnabas, making sure returned collection tins are refurbished ready to go to their next home and raise more money. And ensuring we get the going rate for any overseas bank notes that make their way into donations – you’d be surprised how many come through!

In 2015, Rob was awarded a Long Service Volunteer Award to recognise his contribution to the Hospice. Seven years later, his dedication hasn’t changed, and neither has our appreciation for all he does. Thank you Margot for sending Rob in our direction!

In his own words… “I always looked forward to Wednesday mornings, I enjoyed every part of my time supporting the fundraising team. I got to know so many people who were enjoyable to work with. In my time, I’ve seen people come and go, but I became a part of the furniture!”

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