Supporter takes a trip down memory lane with ‘On Yer Bike’ challenge

14th August 2020

Matthew Flower recently took on our On Yer Bike 100km summer cycling challenge in a day! He used it as a chance to re-visit places from his childhood and reflect.

Matthew said, “This is the first time I’ve made the effort to raise some money for any cause. Don’t get me wrong I do my bit, a few quid here and there, the Torchlight Procession in November, but actually doing something and raising some money, well if I’m honest that’s a rarity akin to the passing of a comet!”

“Recent events reminded me of the wonderful work that St Barnabas does for people in need all the time, every day. Maybe now I needed to be doing more because others couldn’t. The 100km On Yer Bike challenge struck a chord… surely even I could do that.

“So I signed up and then started thinking that it would be a good reason to re-visit places from my childhood, the house I grew up in, my Nan’s house, the cathedral, parks I had played in, paths I walked to school and the schools I had been too.

“Although I hadn’t been on a bike in a year, I decided to do the 100km in a day, with no training. I would just get up and get on with it. If it turned out to be painful and difficult, that would help me to reflect on my reasons for doing it and spur me on.

“And that’s what I did, despite many factors seemingly transpiring against me! I had to go it alone at the last minute, forgot my helmet, fell off trying to take a decent selfie, slipped the chain off too many times to count, forgot my mask so I couldn’t stop for provisions, and the inevitable head, cross (but never tail) wind.

“When the rolling hills of the Wolds tried to get the better of my aching limbs (carrying a few pounds more than they’re designed to), I was reminded that this pain was merely temporary for me… I had to dig deep and get the job done. St Barnabas has been there for my family and I needed to do my bit to help others.

“The support I received has been amazing, from friends as far away as Australia, to family and massive contributions from my work colleagues. Thank you to everyone, I know that the contributions will help St Barnabas to keep being there for people because every little helps. If I’m honest, I really enjoyed doing it too!

Click here to view Matthew’s JustGiving page.

On Yer Bike challenges supporters to cycle 100km this summer, whether that be over a day, week, month or the duration of the summer. Supporters can also take it up a level by setting their own target distance! We ask that you raise a minimum of £100 sponsorship money. To find out more information and sign up, click here.

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