Thank you so much to everyone who has donated as part of our Tree-cycle campaign! Our elves will begin collecting trees from Saturday 11th January, so please leave your trees outside the front of your house the evening before.

Recycled trees are turned into wood chippings that can be used in multiple ways. Wood chippings can be used for biomass boilers, which heat many Lincolnshire homes. They can also provide shelter and layering for farmyard animals and in some cases can be turned into BBQ charcoal which is then sold from local farms.

Tree-cycle headquarters: 01522 540 300 and fundraising@stbarnabashospice.co.uk

Your donation

Here is what your donations will help to do for the Hospice:

This donation will offer a warm and hearty three course meal and blanket for one of our patients this Winter.

This donation will pay for a new mouth care kit to clean the whole of the mouth – the roof, teeth, gums and lips. There’s a combination of soft brushes and sponges that means we can add moisture and immediately relieve discomfort.

This donation will pay for three bereavement support sessions for someone who is struggling to cope this Christmas.

Thank you to our sponsors