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Wild At Heart

Brett Barker, one of the Artists for the St Barnabas HeART Trail. Man wearing safety goggles and gloves giving thumbs up inside a workshop environment. by Brett Barker

About the HeART

The outer framework of this design has been made using old, discarded spanners.

The space inside the heart has been filled with a variety of wildlife sculptures of both flora and fauna, all species found in our beautiful county. The combination of upcycled tools that are used daily across the agricultural sector of the county and the depiction of delicate aspects of nature makes for a

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1 Elmer St N, Grantham NG31 6RE



About the Artist - Brett Barker

Brett has a passion for upcycling and recycling materials, which has been a hobby of his for over 15 years. Three years ago, he turned his hobby into a full time business, making sculptures and table lamps.

The majority of his sculptural work is inspired by wildlife.

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