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Heart #13 Castle Hill, Lincoln

Steampunk Gear Heart

Kevin Baumber, one of the Artists for the St Barnabas HeART Trail. Man with beard posing with sculpture depicting industrial cogs made of metal. by Kevin Baumber

About the HeART

Lincoln hosts one of the world’s largest Steampunk festivals, with over 100,000 people flocking into the city every year during the August Bank holiday.

This entire heart is made from laser-cut, folded, and welded gears and cogs. Being totally three-dimensional, as the viewer moves across the piece there will be an interplay between the front and back surfaces – rather like layers of lace.

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Castle Hill, Lincoln LN1 3AA



Kevin is a Royal College of Art trained artist based in Lincolnshire. He specialises in making large scale steel sculptures of animals under the name of Welderbeasts.

The creatures are first modelled in 3D on a computer, cut from sheet steel and welded together to reconstruct the original computer model in the physical world.

Lincoln Garden

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