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Seals of Approval

Hannah Jayne Lewin, one of the Artists for the St Barnabas HeART Trail. Woman with long light brown hair and floral dress standing by tree. by Hannah Jayne Lewin

About the HeART

This HeART is inspired by the grey seal population which have been breeding on our coastline since the early 1970s. During the winter months the seals breed and give birth on beaches in the Lincolnshire region, a spectacular sight.

This design shows the mothers and babies enjoying the regions beaches and giving their ‘seal of approval’ to the Lincolnshire coastline. You may even spot some crabs and lobsters, which are amongst a seal’s favourite foods. Watch out for those pesky seagulls though!



The Dunes Family Entertainment, Centre Central Promenade, Mablethorpe LN12 1RG



About the Artist - Hannah Jayne Lewin

Hannah is a freelance illustrator based West Yorkshire, who has a passion for creating fun characters to make people smile.

Her work has been used across a variety of areas, from children’s publishing to wall murals, licensing designs, to window art. Hannah is happiest when she’s drawing and is always excited by the next creative challenge.

Lincoln Garden

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