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Magical Adventure

Phillippa and Rachael Corcutt, two of the HeART Trail artists. Two young women with long brown hair, wearing black tops and grey trousers, painting large owl statue to look like a pirate. They are inside a conservatory with brown window frames. by Phillippa and Rachael Corcutt

About the HeART

This design evokes magic and myth, from all the stories and folklore told in Lincolnshire. From the feisty Lincoln Imp to enchanting creatures and more, this design celebrates storytelling and imagination.

Featuring shining stars, whimsical colours and hidden stories, this heart embraces the stories and legends from the enchanting city of Lincoln.

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6 Union Rd, Lincoln LN1 3BJ



About the Artists - Phillippa and Rachael Corcutt

Rachael and Phillippa are illustrators and twin sisters, working together as an illustration collective.

After graduating from the University of Derby with a First Class (Hons) Degree in Illustration, Rachael and Phillippa create illustrations for children’s books, magazines and greetings cards. They have painted over 20 sculptures for public art trails, and their style focuses on visual storytelling and character design.

Lincoln Garden

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