Fundraising ideas

You are welcome to come up with your own idea, but here are some to get you started. We have written (s) next to each challenge that we think would work well as a sponsored activity.

  • Read 40 books (s)
  • Bake and sell 40 cakes
  • Play our weekly lottery 40 times
  • Take on 40 challenges of your choice (s)
  • Run/walk 40 miles in 40 days (s)
  • Buy 40 scratch cards (s)
  • Set up a regular gift; £40 split over a monthly period is just £3.33 per month
  • Take 40 photographs (s)
  • Do 40 push ups/sit ups (s)
  • Complete 40 jigsaw puzzles (s)
  • Complete 40 good deeds (s)
  • Spend £4 or £40 in our shops
  • Host a 40th birthday party to raise money (s)
  • Dry 40: stop drinking/smoking/eating a food item for 40 days (s)
  • Hold 40 minutes of silence (s)
  • Contact 40 people who you have no had contact with for a long time (s)
  • Donate 40 items to a local foodbank (s)
  • Share 40 positive affirmations with people you love (s)
  • Make 40 balloon animals (s)
  • 40 minutes of yoga on 40 days (s)
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More ideas

  • Host a ‘come dine with me’ style event with four friends (s)
  • Donate 40 hours of your time to volunteer for the Hospice
  • Knit 40 Easter chicks or hearts for the Hospice (s)
  • Host a 40th birthday party to raise money (s)
  • Pick up 40 pieces of litter on 40 separate days (s)
  • Plant 40 types of vegetables/flowers/plants (s)
  • Walk 40 laps of your garden (s)
  • Create a 40-track play list
  • Play 40 rounds of golf/games of tennis/games of football (s)
  • Wash 40 cars (s)
  • Walk 40 metres, 40km or 40 miles (s)
  • 40 days walking 12,000 steps a day – the average steps that a nurse takes a day when providing patient care (s)
  • 40 burpees a day (s)
  • Celebrate your birthday in our 40th year by setting up a fundraiser on Facebook, donating your age in money or donating goods to be sold in our charity shops (s)
  • Plant 40 trees to help the Hospice and the environment (s)
  • Toss 40 pancakes (s)
  • Learn 40 words in a new language (s)
  • Donate £40 to the ‘Forever in our Hearts’ appeal
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How will St Barnabas support me?

The Fundraising team at St Barnabas Hospice will be on hand from the moment you sign up onwards. They are here to answer any questions you may have and offer fundraising advice.

As well as receiving a certificate once you complete your challenge, you will also receive a discount card for certain outdoor retailers, as well as exclusive access to a private Facebook group. This group, called ‘Adventure with St Barnabas,’ is a safe space where you can share your challenge updates with like-minded supporters, ask for advice and tips, and encourage and motivate each other.

Simply fill in the form here and we will be in touch to welcome you as a St Barnabas supporter.

Tell us about your fundraising Set up a JustGiving page

How much money should I raise?

Raising money or donating to the Hospice as part of your challenge is vital, as it helps us care for more people living with a life-limiting or terminal illness, as well as their families and carers. To keep with our theme, we are challenging supporters to raise or donate a minimum of £40 as they take part in their activity.

Where you money could go to



could fund a virtual bereavement support session for a family struggling to come to terms with their loss.



could buy four lightweight fleece blankets, giving added warmth and comfort to patients being cared for in one of our inpatient units.



could allow us to care for a terminally ill patient at home for three hours; a place where they feel safe and comfortable, surrounded by loved ones.