Wildflowers grow where memories of loved one’s bloom

As summer arrives and restrictions lift, our thoughts turn to those no longer here, the ones you wish you could hug after all we have been through.

As the sun shines, remember that person by dedicating wildflowers in their memory. As you watch them bloom over time the precious memories will help you through, whilst enabling St Barnabas to care for more people like Marie’s mum.

When you dedicate to our Wildflowers Memories Appeal, we will send you a special Wildflower seeded card with a beautiful illustration by Hannah Dale from Wrendale Designs to plant in memory of your loved ones.

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Marie’s Story

“Grow your memories by planting beautiful wildflowers in memory of loved ones this year.”

My mum was the loveliest lady you could ever know. I know a lot of people would say that about their mum, but her positive outlook on life shone through to everyone who knew her. When St Barnabas took over her care, they gave our family the chance to see mum shining once again. She was my best friend and I miss her greatly.

We have always been a close-knit family, so when Dad passed away in 2019 it took a toll on us all. If I’m being honest, Mum was never the same again. She tried to carry on as best she could, but she was completely heartbroken.

Not long after Dad died, she developed a pain in her shoulder which was diagnosed as a fractured clavicle bone. Further tests then revealed that she had pancreatic and lung cancer, as well as vascular dementia. The news rocked our family and we had to come to terms with the fact that Mum had little time left with us.

Mum was a very elegant lady and always took great care of her appearance. I remember visiting her at the Hospice one day and the nurses had done her hair beautifully and painted her nails. They had given me my mum back for those last few days and that meant the absolute world to me.


Step 1

Fill a plant pot with compost, place the seeded paper torn into smaller pieces on top, and cover lightly with a little more compost.


Step 2

Water well, place somewhere warm, and light to germinate. You must keep the paper moist at all times – this is important! Once the seedlings begin to grow, transfer to a bigger pot, or individually remove each seedling and grow on in smaller pots.


Step 3

When big enough, plant out in the garden enjoy watching memories of your loved one’s bloom. Remember every donation in memory of a love one helps St Barnabas support more people in need.