Shining bright on the Tree of Life

This year our majestic 30ft Tree of Life will once again stand proudly outside Lincoln Cathedral. We encourage you to visit in your own time and spend a quiet moment reflecting as your loved one’s light shines brightly.

Unfortunately due to the coronavirus, we are unable to allow messages of love to be placed around the Tree of Life as would normally happen. Instead, we ask that you dedicate a light in memory of your loved one(s) and leave a tribute to them online.

You are welcome to visit the Tree of Life once lockdown is lifted until mid-January 2021. This is completely free to do.

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Richard’s Story

“Rachael was just 24 when doctors told her she had months to live. We had only got engaged the year before and moved into our first house, so the news hit us like a torpedo.

“Watching Rachael go downhill over the next few months simply broke my heart. Her confidence was shattered, and I felt helpless. This was when St Barnabas Hospice stepped in.

“Rachael moved into the Hospice in Lincoln at a point when we thought she had just days to live. I stayed every single night in the Hospice with her after the nurses kindly pushed two beds together so I could hold her as we slept.

“With St Barnabas’s help, Rachael reached a point where she could go on day trips and then eventually come home for a few days. Sadly, Rachael suffered a stroke whilst at home and the Hospice arranged for her to go straight back in for end-of-life care. The cancer was in her brain and the end was near. Rachael passed away on 11th February 2013.

“After losing Rachael, Light up a Life took on a whole new meaning for me. I found I could dedicate a light in her memory to shine brightly on the Tree of Life each year. Rachael was the light of my life every single day and this tribute seems so fitting.”

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How to participate


Dedicate a light

Dedicate a light in memory of a loved one, which will shine brightly on the Tree of Life outside Lincoln Cathedral with thousands of others.

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Watch online

Join us on 24th November at 7pm to watch our virtual Light up a Life celebration and Torchlight Procession from the comfort and safety of your own home.

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Visit the Tree of Life

Visit the Tree of Life outside Lincoln Cathedral in your own time once lockdown has ended, where you can spend a quiet moment reflecting.

Dedicate a light