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St Barnabas nurses across Lincolnshire need your help – NOW – to fund care for hundreds of terminally ill people in our community.

The end of this pandemic is in sight; but we won’t be able to care for everyone who needs us without your support.

Every day, because of COVID-19, our hospice charity is losing £1,370 in fundraising and shops income; money we absolutely rely on to fund the expert nursing care we provide.

We need your help today to keep our nursing care going through to the end of the pandemic.

Michelle Webb
Director of Patient Care


My name is Teresa and I’ve been a nurse here at St Barnabas for 12 years.

My job is hugely rewarding – even though it’s become so much harder since COVID-19 arrived.

One thing we nurses hear from families all the time is, “You’re amazing – we could not have done this without you!” I  know how absolutely true it is – because when the nurses, my colleagues, looked after my dad a couple of years ago, they lifted a massive weight off my shoulders. The staff in the Hospice in the Hospital were amazing with my him, myself and my family. They were so kind, caring and looked after us all so well.

I’m a trained nurse with years of experience but those final weeks with Dad were mentally and emotionally exhausting, even with St Barnabas to help me. I always knew that looking after someone who was dying was hard work.

I always knew that your heart breaks and it’s so painful. But I don’t think you can really know until you experience it. Now I feel I have a much deeper insight into how hard it is – and how this past year has been even more difficult for so many families.

I hope, if you can, you’ll help me and my colleagues to keep caring for local families, helping to lift the weight off their shoulders when it really matters.

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