Downtown Garden Centre

"Each year we give the staff here at the Downtown Garden Centre in Grantham the opportunity to choose which charity they would like to support as it’s so important that this decision be theirs. There are always so many different and equally as important charities to choose from so it was such a pleasure to see that the team unanimously chose St Barnabas as their charity this year."

“There are many different reasons why this charity deserves to be nominated as there are so many things that St Barnabas are able to support and are involved in which others, myself included never realised or were aware of.

“For many the belief is St Barnabas will be there towards the end of life to take the last steps of the journey with you, but they offer so much more supporting those who have life-limiting or terminal challenges to face, being there every step of the way to help.

“St Barnabas seems to touch so many people and already there are stories that have been told by the staff in my store of the incredible journey either they personally have taken or someone close to them has where St Barnabas has been there to support every moment, that’s why for this reason it’s so very important that when we have the opportunity too we give back to show our continued support to those who continue to make this possible to support us.”

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