BG Conference & Events

BG Conference & Events

"St Barnabas have been utilising our services over the past year or so and when it came to a team conversation around how we might be able to help with the Moonlight Walk project, we looked at each other, thought about it, and came to the conclusion that we felt passionate about supporting such an amazing event."

“Things just grew from there. We are Lincolnshire based also, with a high number of our clients based within the county and we thought it would be great if we could contribute back to the community somehow. Teaming up with St Barnabas to host the Moonlight Walk and adopting them as our chosen charity for the year just felt like the right thing to do and we are hopeful that we can make a difference in some small way.

“Having worked with the team at St Barnabas now for a good period of time, it has been an absolute pleasure. They are all so easy to work with and appreciative of any support that can be given, no matter how small it may seem. From our perspective there has been a real ‘feel good factor’ in St Barnabas being our chosen charity and something we are all extremely proud of.”

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